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Why I’m leaving Medium

They kept changing the damn layout on me. I specifically chose Medium because they allowed you to have little side-notes shown at the same time as your main article. Then they made those side-notes “replies” even though they clearly weren’t the same thing as the existing “replies”. Medium limits what I can put on the web. If I want a table, an embedded Mindmup or anything else, I’m screwed. If I want my diagrams to be SVG or I want to create simulations, I’m even more screwed.

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The Entrepreneurial State

Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths

When I was first getting interested in Cognitive Science, I started reading “How to Build a Brain” by Chris Eliasmith. By the end of it, I felt biologically plausible modelling was hugely important for the advance of Cognitive Science. I also knew this feeling was misleading given I had no familiarity with the argument landscape. Why wasn’t everyone else doing biologically plausible modelling? Why were they still using their seemingly inferior frameworks?

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Do Better Science by Answering Your Questions in Public

StackExchange for Open Science

If you’re doing science, you’re probably keeping notes, especially doing background reading. However, these private notebooks are where keypresses and knowledge go to die. The next time you have to figure something out, to make sure you understand it, leave a question/answer pair on the StackExchange dedicated to your branch of science. You’re helping yourself the most When taking notes, the best way is to restructure the knowledge you’re trying to store.

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List: Tools I love and hate

No one wants to read a series of blog posts about the various tools I use on a daily basis and how I feel about them. But maybe someone wants to read one blog post? Here it is in one place. Love Bandcamp You let me buy and download music for all my favourite artists and then you get the hell out of my way. MindMup You’re still the only mind-mapping solution that works for me.

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Thing Explainer: Spaun

[epistemic status: poorly written, potentially missing the point and desperately in need of some figures] Today I found a lab’s blog that explained everything using only the 1000 most common words in the English language in the manner popularised by XKCD. I thought I would try to do it for my lab’s philosophy/research and see how far I got. Also, because I frequently send my papers to my parents and I’m pretty sure they don’t understand anything.

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